It’s great to hear so much happiness and excitement in her voice….and our whole family is completely aware that Sarah wouldn’t be at Sonoma State right now if it wasn’t for you. We can’t thank you enough for your patience and kindness….you made a huge difference in Sarah’s life and we are very grateful. - Margaret H.
Anyone who needs help with math this is the place to go. Ran by an amazing tutor. Without her I probably would still be taking math classes. - Alan M.
The best math tutor your child could ever find!!  - Glenda M.
You have a gift of diagnosing students’ weak areas, prescribing just what the student needs to learn, you teach them and they experience success. I remember that you knew just what to ask Stef to do for you. You quickly learned what her gaps were. Then you started teaching her what she needed to know thus filling in the gaps and building a sound foundation for Success!  - Cookie S.

Jennifer has been working with my daughter for over a Year. During that time she has increased her study and math skills and has become a true advocate for success. She has not only increased her math skills but has successfully gotten her through Algebra 1 . . . . which made her eligible to take Geometry her Sophmore year. . . Math has always been a weak subject and she couldnt have made it this far without Jennifer's Help-- Thank you Jennifer

- Krissy R.

 Since I was a child I had issues with math. I was never able to understand things to the fullest. Everything was too complicated for me. Each time I ended up understanding the slightest bit of information, we were on to the next chapter and it was always too late. If I wasn’t lucky enough to understand what we were learning, I would just sort of copy the examples on the test to somehow work out an answer for myself. That never really worked out that well for me. Struggling in math was something that had been keeping me struggling in all my subjects without me even knowing it.

Thankfullly, Jennifer became my tutor summer of 2008 when I was struggling in Algebra 1B. She ended up saving me from failing that class by teaching me the basics all over again. I finally understood. The one-on-one interaction, Jennifer’s patience, and her ability to explain things to me in a way I understood helped me to comprehend math so much easier. Geometry and Algebra 2 were some of my favorite classes the following years, which I never expected to say.

Being able to do math correctly and to understand what I was actually doing helped me in my other classes, too. I no longer had a certain block towards school, things were easier for me to comprehend, and I was doing better in every subject. I am so grateful to have had someone like Jennifer in my life to help me not only do well in math, but also have changed my perception about school and the way I go about learning. Her teaching skills are what got me back on track and helped me succeed in school.
- Mireille G., 2011 high school graduate, accepted at UC Merced.