Sunday, January 21, 2018

Long time, no see! New rates!

Obviously, I've been off the blog for awhile.

It's been an interesting 4 years.

I went through a period where I decided that being a teacher might not be the right course for me. It was not an easy decision, as I'd worked more than a decade to become a teacher. And I still love tutoring.

New Start

I sort of fell into a low-level IT job and realized that I missed working in technology. I hadn't done any real IT work since the late 1990s. I was surprised at how much I remembered and also by how much I needed to catch up on.

In 2015, I landed an IT help desk job with the USGS here in Sacramento.


Early in 2016, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. At that point, I stopped tutoring. I had surgery and 6 months of chemo. I continued working as much as I was capable of during that time. Now, my scans and tests indicate that I'm ok. As soon as chemo was over, I jumped into working on a Master's in IT. That didn't leave me a lot of time to tutor.

Over this past winter break, I decided to take a break from the degree to have more time to myself. Within a week, I was contacted by three different people about tutoring.

So, I'm tutoring again after a 2 year break!

Currently, I'm working with a grad student taking the CBEST, a high school AP Calculus student, and a college student in 2nd semester Integral Calculus. That means I'm spending quite a bit of time relearning Calc myself!

 The college student is located on the other side of the country, so we do our sessions via Skype. This is something I'd like to explore more, doing remote sessions. It seems to take away the worst of the problems with tutoring (fighting traffic, not getting home until late during the week, skipping meals or eating fast food. . . ).

New rates! 

My rates are now $50/hour.

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