Friday, October 15, 2010

I am an arrogant idiot

I observed that same teacher today, and this class was so different than the last.

He has created a game that the kids love that he can use for assessment instead of a standard quiz.

For the game, he has the student break up into 4 groups. Since it's a small class, only 17 students, there are three groups of four and one group of five students.

Each member of the group has to answer the problems as the teacher gives them. Each group picks one of their members to show the teacher an answer they all agree on. If they get the answer right, they earn 10 points, and a chance to "shoot" for more points. Then the group picks a "shooter". I'm not sure what they used last week, but this week, they used a rubber chicken. They had to toss a rubber chicken into a box on a stool. Depending on how far away they are standing, they can earn 5, 10, or 15 points if they make it.

If the group does not get the answer right, they give up their chance to shoot.

All of the kids were engaged, and having fun, and for the most part, they did well.

They also have to hand in the papers at the end of class for full credit. The team that won got to pick some candy.

Very different class, and so much more dynamic.

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