Friday, August 20, 2010

Study Skills: Homework vs. Studying

I've come to realize that a lot of students today don't realize that there is a world of difference between Homework and Study time.

Many students seem to think that if they do their homework, they should be ready for anything.

Homework is important and has a role to play as part of a study plan.

I came across this excellent article about the difference.

Essentially, HOMEWORK is assigned by the teacher and is counted as part of the grade.

In math classes, this usually means that it is practice for the particular skill that was covered that day or week. It reinforces what was covered in class. Sometimes, this means boring busy work, but it can be necessary for your grade.

STUDYING is something you do in addition to homework. From the article:

Studying refers to time students set aside to go over key concepts from class and make sure their knowledge is complete. It is going over class material to ensure complete understanding. Studying is about learning on your own time, without the specific guidance of a teacher.

You get that?

Homework is what your teacher wants you to do. Studying is what you do on your own to master a topic.

For math, studying could mean memorizing a formula, making flash cards of vocabulary words, going to a before or after-school study session with the teacher, or doing more problems.

Yes, more problems. If your teacher assigned you the odd problems, and you're having trouble, do the even problems, too. If you did extra work and want to check your answers, stop by class before or after school and ask your teacher if you did them right.

Homework is about practicing a skill. Studying is working to master it.

Study is one of the things that separate the A students from the rest of the pack.

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