Sunday, April 12, 2009

Origami - Art & Math

Have you ever made a "cootie-catcher? Or a paper airplane?
Then you were doing Origami -the art of paper folding, which has a rich history from China & Japan.
My daughter likes to do origami and at times the house seems overrun with flowers, baskets, and other folded bits of (easily destroyed) paper.
So, when I ran across this video (thanks Mathchique!) I had to share with my Geometry students.

What's math got to do with origami? Origami is Art (with a capital A) and math is just, well, math. (Come on, I know what you really think - you think it isn't useful or fun, right?)
Watch the video. Robert Lang talks about how math, and modern computers, revolutionized Origami over the last 25 years or so. He even provides a computer program for designing your own origami figures. On that same website, he has a ton of pictures of some of his own designs and creations. Like this stunning dragon.

or some very detailed insects

And it all has to do with Circles and Angles - stuff you've been working on.


  1. Do you know where I can find a pattern for that dragon? It's awesome!

  2. Did you watch the video? Did you follow the links? These are things that were made one time with a customized pattern. His program allows you to create your own patterns.