Sunday, February 1, 2009

Study skills: SQ3R, the 3R's

Ok, so back on track, here.

The 3R's in SQ3R stand for Read, Recite (or write), and Review. [My daughter, 13, thinks it stands for Something Quacked 3 times at Red, Raging Rhinoceroses :)]

Read means just that. Read carefully. Look for new words, make sure you can define them. Take notes from what you read.

Recite/write. This step is about repetition. The more we repeat something, the more we remember it. While you're doing this, you are also filtering the material through your head, deciding what is important, and what YOU need to focus on.

Review. Now that you've filtered the information, review it. Make flash cards. Explain the new concept to your mother or a younger sibling or a friend. Look it over EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. until the test. Maybe you only have 5 or 10 minutes to look at it. Fine. Just try to look at it every day.

When people talk about learning styles, they often think that they should focus on one or another of the styles, when the truth is that we all benefit from using a combination of techniques.

The more senses we can get involved in learning a new concept, the more it will actually stick. So, even if you feel foolish, Recite your notes out loud, to yourself, your mirror, your friend, or your mother. Write it down. Have someone else recite it to you. Make up funny poems about the material. Make up an acronym. [Look into mnemonic devices].

I use these techniques, and I believe in them. I try to get my students to follow these, as well.

Happy studying!

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