Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ok, the tally, from Twitter, email and my Foolish friends:

Purple star flower: 3
Blue star flower: 6
spirograph: 8

Except, I don't like the spirograph that much. A small business mentor says:

I really like the pattern generator idea for math – so much better than a logo of 2+4=6… also better than the E=MC2 or the radical sign… good thinking.
The purple and blue designs are lovely, but not mathy enough; they feel too soft – math seems to me to be more spiky or technical in design.
The star is closer, but it doesn’t grab my attention, and although it is definitely spikier, it feels un-finished or rudimentary.
The spirograph feels better of the 4, but I think if you used fewer steps and bolder colors, the logo might pop more. – also preferred might be something with less continuity on the outside so it doesn’t feel like a solid external circle… spiky, if you will.
Also, you should consider what color of business card this is going on? White background? Blue? Green? Multi-colored/patterned? Then choose colors that will stand out.

So, I'm playing a bit more. The problem with the flower ones is that when they are large, they look great, but when I had to shrink them, they lose the definition. So, here's a couple of more options:

Looking at this one shrunk, again, not liking it as much as I did big.

Ok, I like star patterns, what can I say?

this is probably just too complicated.

I may end up sticking with the star flowers, just because I like 'em.

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